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This database collates data to provide parameter values for use in environmental radiological assessments to estimate the transfer of radioactivity to wildlife. The database has been updated today (12/12/13). Full details of the update will be made available soon. There may be some minor changes with the data over the next few weeks as further evaluation of the changed data takes place. If you have any queries please contact us at the wildlifetransfer@gmail.com address. We will put a note here when the database update is complete.

The database was started to aid both:
(i) the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in the production of a handbook on wildlife transfer parameters (IAEA Technical Report Series now in press); and
(ii) the derivation of transfer parameter values for the International Commission on Radiological Protections (ICRP) list of Reference Animals and Plants (RAPs) (ICRP Publication 114).

The database has been designed and supported by the following organisations:

The data is being compiled in collaboration with the International Union of Radioecologists (IUR). The database is being maintained to provide a future and evolving source of up to date information to those conducting assessments and developing/maintaining models. Your assistance in populating the database with any suitable data on concentration ratios that you may have would be welcomed.

All contributors to the database will be acknowledged, as appropriate, in any publications arising from use of these data.

There are summarised data available from the database in February 2011 when the IAEA and ICRP reports were prepared. The summaries will be updated when sufficient additional data are available hopefully on an annual basis. We will notify all contributors by email and via https://wiki.ceh.ac.uk/display/rpemain/Wildlife+transfer when this occurs. We will document any changes between versions.

Please note that there will be some differences between the summary data tables provided, their presentation in the IAEA and ICRP reports and the summaries you can produce of the data. This is because we were able to subdivide the data into smaller wildlife groups in some cases and some element/organism combinations were not included in the reports. In addition, the database may contain additional data that were not included in the February 2011 review.

There is a help/guidance document available which explains what information we are looking for, how to navigate within the website and complete the database fields. If you have any queries on how to use the site or find any problems with the database please do not hesitate to contact either Nick Beresford or David Copplestone. There is also a frequently asked questions page available. Other useful information (e.g. how to classify species within the database) can be found here.

Please forward the website details on to anyone you think might have data that they would be willing to add to the database.

The database has been offline for several months while we have updated some of the functionality within the website and, more importantly, extracted and processed the data for the two international reports that have been produced. We apologise for the length of time that this has taken but hope that you find the site fully functional and useful.