` Wildlife Transfer Parameter Database

In 2011 we extracted and summarised the data from the wildlife transfer database and the results were used in the preparation of the final reports for the IAEA handbook on radionuclide transfer parameters for generic wildlife groups and also for the ICRP Reference Animals and Plants. Both of these reports are now available (links on the database front page). In 2014/2015 we have updated the database and produced new summary excel spreadsheets. Below we provide a link to excel files which contain the extracted data for (i) wildlife category as used by IAEA EMRAS WG5 and (ii) ICRP RAP. We provide the outputs from the database from Feb 2011 and April 2015.

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Download IAEA summary tables (April 2015)

Download ICRP RAP summary tables (April 2015)

Download IAEA summary tables (Feb 2011)

Download ICRP RAP summary tables (Feb 2011)